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I am Fort Dodges' and central Iowas' premier EVENT photographer. covering local sporting events, civic events and gatherings.

My promise to you, my GUESTS' and customers:

  • I will provide quality pictures
  • I will post pictures in a timely manner after each event I have attended.
  • I will keep cost reasonible for my guests' convience.
  • I will strive to accomodate any and all request

EVENTS I'll be attending

  • Dodger sporting events
  • ICCC sporting events
  • St Ed Sporting events
  • Junior sports

    Thanks again for stopping by.

DW Photography
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Guestbook for DW Photography
Thank you for all your help!! You are a're man.
29.Heidi Bellon(non-registered)
Thanks for the awesome pictures of our State games. Let me know about the photography workshops when you know the dates.
28.Denise Mendenhall(non-registered)
Wonderful photos.
Can't wait to see what other beautiful shots you add to the site.

I'll definitely be referring my friends and associates to your site when they want to buy photos of family for keepsakes.
Keep up the excellent work!
26.Pat Swanstrom(non-registered)
You are doing an amazing job of capturing the action of all these events. I so enjoy looking at them. I especially love the motorsports and green bikes. Love what pictures I have and the bag is great. It carries all necessities for me. Keep up the good work, you are making a name for yourself.
25.crickette Pederson(non-registered)
You are the best...thanks for taking all those pics of justin and the Humboldt team they were awsome...I had alot of people and ask me if i seen them... I told them yes I k the photographer and they thought that was nice of you...Great Job!! Crickette
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