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I am Fort Dodges' and central Iowas' premier EVENT photographer. covering local sporting events, civic events and gatherings.

My promise to you, my GUESTS' and customers:

  • I will provide quality pictures
  • I will post pictures in a timely manner after each event I have attended.
  • I will keep cost reasonible for my guests' convience.
  • I will strive to accomodate any and all request

EVENTS I'll be attending

  • Dodger sporting events
  • ICCC sporting events
  • St Ed Sporting events
  • Junior sports

    Thanks again for stopping by.

DW Photography
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United States
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Guestbook for DW Photography
33.Roxi Rose(non-registered)
your photos are always well received
To be frank what you are doing is very good. Very less people do less editing these days. Considering all that, most credits goes to your pictures shall be said as original ones and not just mostly Photoshop. Also nice choice of frames.

31.Rick DiGiammarino(non-registered)
Your work is pristine. Thanks for all your help. Someday we will shoot together. For all those reading this, I highly recommend hiring this man for your next function what ever that may be :)
Thank you for all your help!! You are a're man.
29.Heidi Bellon(non-registered)
Thanks for the awesome pictures of our State games. Let me know about the photography workshops when you know the dates.
The guestbook is empty.